store/[org.clojure/core.typed "0.2.83"] clj::clojure.core.typed.remove/remove*


(defn remove* [old rem]
  (let [old (c/fully-resolve-type old)
        rem (c/fully-resolve-type rem)
        initial (if (sub/subtype? old rem)
                  (c/Un) ;the empty type
                    ;FIXME TR also tests for App? here. ie (or (r/Name? old) (App? old))
                    (r/Name? old) ;; must be different, since they're not subtypes 
                    ;; and n must refer to a distinct struct type
                    (r/Union? old) (let [l (:types old)]
                                   (apply c/Un (map (fn [e] (remove* e rem)) l)))
                    (r/Mu? old) (remove* (c/unfold old) rem)
                    (r/Poly? old) (let [vs (c/Poly-fresh-symbols* old)
                                        b (c/Poly-body* vs old)]
                                    (c/Poly* vs 
                                             (c/Poly-bbnds* vs old)
                                             (remove* b rem)))
                    :else old))]
    (if (sub/subtype? old initial) old initial)))

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