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  Clojure String utilities

It is poor form to (:use clojure.string). Instead, use require
with :as to specify a prefix, e.g.

  (:require [clojure.string :as str]))

Design notes for clojure.string:

1. Strings are objects (as opposed to sequences). As such, the
   string being manipulated is the first argument to a function;
   passing nil will result in a NullPointerException unless
   documented otherwise. If you want sequence-y behavior instead,
   use a sequence.

2. Functions are generally not lazy, and call straight to host
   methods where those are available and efficient.

3. Functions take advantage of String implementation details to
   write high-performing loop/recurs instead of using higher-order
   functions. (This is not idiomatic in general-purpose application

4. When a function is documented to accept a string argument, it
   will take any implementation of the correct *interface* on the
   host platform. In Java, this is CharSequence, which is more
   general than String. In ordinary usage you will almost always
   pass concrete strings. If you are doing something unusual,
   e.g. passing a mutable implementation of CharSequence, then
   thread-safety is your responsibility.