Grimoire was hacked in 24hrs by Reid McKenzie and César Bolaños, and serves to provide web documentation of the Clojure language with community contributed commentary and examples.

Since then, Grimoire has continued to evolve and with thanks to now features examples sourced from ClojureDocs as well as user submitted content.

Grimoire version 0.3.0 was made possible by Robert Stuttaford, who helped port Grimoire from the original Jekyll static site to a real Clojure webapp and for whose assistance we are immensely grateful.

Grimoire, while free to you, isn't free to operate. At present, running Grimoire costs about $10 a month to keep online and gets much more than that in on-going development time. As I'm still in school, if you find yourself using Grimoire routinely I'd ask that you support the project by helping me cover the hosting and coffee costs of keeping it online and useful.


Grimoire is several projects operating under different licenses.

Grimoire itself (this website codebase) is copyright Reid "arrdem" McKenzie, published under the EPL for your enjoyment.

lib-grimoire (the API, datastore driver) is copyright Reid "arrdem" McKenzie, also published under the EPL.

datastore (the notes and examples) is published under CC0 with thanks to all contributors, listed in the README of that project.

The source metadata files, being the original documentation, source and source information used by Grimoire are derived from various artifacts published under various licenses as dictated by their authors and as such no claim of ownership is made and the original license is reproduced.